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Electrical Energy Supply

LESTO distributes and transmits electrical power throughout the entire territory of Lithuania and is a distribution network operator. The grid is made up of low and medium voltage lines and equipment.

The electrical power provided through the Company‘s distribution grid reaches more than 1.577 million clients that are serviced in 45 local LESTO customer service centres. A safe and stable supply of electrical energy power is guaranteed by more than 2,500 of our specialists.

Electricity Meter Installation and Maintenance

Electricity meters at your home as well as the clocks that run them are installed and maintained by LESTO free of charge.

Once per year the meters are inspected by our specialists. When you sign a purchase and sales agreement you are committing to cooperate with our employees and provide them with free access to electrical power devices to inspect their condition.

We recommend you:

  • inspect the apparatus carefully for any signs of mechanical defects (i.e. to the glass (screen), safety panel, seals) as you take meter readings each month;
  • make sure the counter mechanism is rotating steadily without hindrance;
  • check for any considerable fluctuations in electric power consumption when paying your electricity bill - these can be caused by defects to the meter that are not apparent to the naked eye.

If you see or suspect that your electricity meter has a defect or you notice a considerable decrease or increase in electrical power consumption, please inform our specialists immediately by calling 1802, e-mailing us at, or visiting a customer service centre.

Services for New Clients

A new client is a legal or natural person the electrical equipment of which is connected to the LESTO electricity grid for the first time, or an existing customer that is increasing the limited capacity of electrical equipment, altering a previously provided security category of electrical power supply or substituting a single-phase power system for a three-phase one.

If you want to:

  • connect your electrical equipment to the electricity grid,
  • increase or decrease permissible capacity,
  • substitute a single-phase power system for a three-phase one or vice versa,
  • move an electricity meter out of a facility or to a different location,
  • alter a category of electrical energy security,
  • terminate the permissible capacity or a portion of it and transfer it to another person in the same facility,
  • rearrange or move LESTO electrical equipment that interferes with construction, ongoing operations, etc.,
  • connect electrical power equipment temporarily,

visit any LESTO Customer Service Centre to fill in a request for the service.


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